Laptop Computer Repair Radstock. We are less expensive, quicker and friendlier than our competitors.

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Laptop Computer Repair Radstock and Surrounds.

* Laptop computer repair done right, quickly and inexpensively.
* We can come to you – phone us: 07510171710.
* Your new computer designed and built for a fair price.
* Your laptop computer repair completed for a sensible fee (including tablets).
* Upgrades performed swiftly and to a strict budget without compromises.
* Speed up your computer at a reasonable cost to increase your productivity.
* Training given in all aspects of computing including OS management and repair.
* Viruses, Trojans and other Malware removed cheaply and protected against in future.

With over 25 years experience of laptop computer repair and everything else PC related, from building, configuring, installing, networking, upgrading, decommissioning and scrapping them, from MFM and RLL hard drives and BBS to Beta testing ’98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10, running Linux, Mac OS and LAMP on diverse platforms, Hosting and Designing, through the family computer (security and coffee) problems that we have all suffered, to Notebooks, Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, Personal Digital Assistants, Consoles and Smartphones – WestCountryComputers can help you with laptop computer repair Radstock, Midsomer-Norton and beyond.

Get in touch with us directly for a friendly and inexpensive solution to your computing problems – especially laptop computer repair. Phone Terry on: 075 1017 1710 With reference to:

Laptop Computer Repair Radstock and surrounding area.

Laptop Computer Repair and Maintenance – We provide small businesses and individuals with responsive, well configured and reliable computers, network and infrastructure. Including software installation, repair and maintenance. We support all versions of Windows including Windows ’98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 alongside Mac OS X and Linux variants.

Data Recovery – We recover data from damaged USB memory devices, external hard drives, laptop computer and desktop machines.

Laptop and Computer Backup Systems – Backing up and securing data are the most important steps any business can take. We analyse your backup and security situation and formulate a plan tailored to your needs and budget that will give you peace of mind.

Consulting and Assessment – We consult with you and supply you with a detailed report of your hardware, software, current security implementation and network infrastructure. We recommend solutions based on a mix of your budget, needs and business goals.

Laptop computer Security – High speed Internet connections expose everyone to security problems to some degree. Wireless networks’ default settings can present some serious security problems. We analyse your set up and configure your Internet connectivity and network for the maximum security commensurate with your needs.

Virus Protection – Maintaining up-to-date anti-virus, anti-malware and hacker protection is, alongside a robust backup solution, the most important safeguard a business or individual can implement. We will determine your current defences and recommend anything deemed necessary to gain your maximum, ongoing, updated protection.

By the by….. We are not being immodest when claiming we have seen it all. We have worked directly with The DWP, Local Councils, Schools and Universities, Aardman Animations, Mobil, British Gas, Microsoft and Wessex Water amongst others.

We have created, built out, configured and tested to destruction the systems, software and hardware that printed the book, produced the film and manufactured the T-shirt. We concentrate on Computer Repairs Radstock and Midsomer-Norton but travel to cistomers all over the area.

We know Laptop Computer Repair and we live here in the West Country. Perfect.

eMail us by clicking here

We like Google Mail, we never see spam and in fact we recommend it to all our customers as they could change ISP, change their company name or even change countries without changing their email address. Let’s face it, Google are not going anywhere ;-)

We cover a large area for Laptop Computer Repair and our other services, not just Radstock. Here are some of our ‘local call out hotspots’:

We serve: Bath, Bristol, Banes, Somerset, Avon, Bathampton, Batheaston, Bathford, Bathwick, Bishop Sutton, Burnett, Cameley, Camerton, Carlingcott, Charlcombe, Chelwood, Chew Magna, Chew Stoke, Chewton Keynsham, Claverton, Claverton Down, Clutton, Combe Down, Combe Hay, Compton Dando, Compton Martin, Corston, Dunkerton, East Harptree, Englishcombe, Fairfield Park, Farmborough, Farrington Gurney, Freshford, Hallatrow, High Littleton, Hinton Blewett, Hinton Charterhouse, Hunstrete, Inglesbatch, Kelston, Keynsham, Kingsmead, Kingsway, Lambridge, Langridge, Lansdown, Lower Swainswick, Lyncombe Vale, Marksbury, Midford, Midsomer Norton, Monkton Combe, Nempnett Thrubwell, Newbridge, Newton St Loe, North Stoke, Norton Malreward, Odd Down, Oldfield Park, Paulton, Peasedown St John, Priston, Publow, Radstock, St Catherine, Saltford, Shoscombe, South Stoke, Southdown, Stanton Drew, Stanton Prior, Stony Littleton, Stowey, Stowey Sutton, Swainswick, Temple Cloud, Timsbury, Tunley, Twerton, Ubley, Upper Swainswick, Walcot, Warleigh, Wellow, West Harptree, Westmoreland, Weston, Bath, Whitchurch, Whiteway, Widcombe, Woollard and Woolley amongst others. Call us and see what we could do for you, your business and your pocket!

We look forward to working with you.

Best Computer Security hardware

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Best Computer Security hardware

Discover the first-line of defense – preventive security. Stop intruders, thieves, snoopers – anyone that’s not you! GateKeeper will keep you logged in when it’s you, and log you out when you leave.

Juice extra time out of your day. Users can enable the auto-unlock feature which unlocks the computer automatically when you are close to it.

State-of-the-art AES256 encyrption secures credentials. Additionally, GateKeeper provides 2-factor authentication (GateKeeper + PIN) to log on to your computer.

GateKeeper: USB Lock and Keyfob

Security: Military grade AES-256 encryption

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Mac OS X (BETA)

Battery Life: 6 months (CR2032 battery)

Range: 30 feet

Wireless: Bluetooth 4

Size/Weight: 50mm x 25mm x 6mm; 10gm


iPhone 6 Storage Upgrade to128GB (4K)

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iPhone 6 Storage Upgrade to128GB (4K)

This video is about how to increase the internal storage (memory)of iPhone6 16GB to 128GB by changing HDD (flash chip) .
This is iPhone6 16gb and i am converting it into 128gb by replacing HDD (flash chip)you need a new HDD (flash chip) and the serial number reprogramming tool(WL 64bit serial number changer )
Has you know the serial number is programmed in HDD (flash chip)so we need to reprogram the old serial number in new HDD (flash chip)after replacing the HDD (flash chip)we need to restore the phone because the new HDD (flash chip)is empty it doesn’t have IOS .so connect to iTunes and restore it. then it turn into 128 gb

In this process phone will lose it’s data. so it’s better to take back up before you replace HDD (flash chip) it may have high possibility of brick your phone.this work should done only professional technicians.

The Windows XP Holdout Guide!

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The Windows XP Holdout Guide!

In this video, I decided to see what modern programs still run on XP today and I give my advice on what to do if you’re still using Windows XP.

Get Windows XP updates until 2019:

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How To Enable Animated Desktop Wallpaper in Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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How To Enable Animated Desktop Wallpaper in Windows 7/8/8.1/10

I received a ton of questions asking how I setup animated wallpapers on my Windows 10 desktop after seeing them in the background of my videos on my huge screens. This video will show you what program I use to setup, create and display these animated wallpapers. This is very similar to Dream Scene from Windows Vista but far more powerful and much better implemented. Also, I am in no way affiliated with the developer of this program and don’t make anything from it’s sales.

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A) No, I’m in no way affiliated with the developer of this program. I just purchased it myself and quite like it and because people asked I made a video about it so others could try it out. But please, by all means tell the author I was the one that sent you so he can see that we’re supporting him!

Q) Why did the program crash twice?
A) It was a specific Matrix wallpaper that was very unstable when using it on multiple screens simultaneously. Most of the other wallpapers seem to be very stable especially the ones that are just moving images and don’t have programming to display other things.

Q) Just want to say that you forgot to edit out 8:56 to 9:00
A) This was a good catch, I usually jump cut out dialog mistakes but I’m glad I left this one in along with the bloopers at the end. I like people to see that this isn’t a smooth process and editing is what makes it smooth.

Is Windows 7 the New XP?

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Is Windows 7 the New XP?

Thanks to EliteTQ for the new intro! Go check out his channel:

Is Windows 7 the new Windows XP? I answer that in this video.

Vibe Tracks – Beat Your Competition
Vibe Tracks – Over Time

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Samsung RC730 (NP-RC730-S01UA -) Как заменить экран ноутбука

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Samsung RC730 (NP-RC730-S01UA -) Как заменить экран ноутбука

Laptop Screen Replacement. How to replace a laptop screen Samsung RC730.
Замена матрицы ноутбука. Как заменить экран ноутбука Samsung RC730 (NP-RC730-S01UA).

I changed the old screen, that was broken “Laptop LCD Screen LTN173KT01 (1600×900) HD+ Glossy LED” to the new screen “LTN173KT01 (1600×900) HD+ Matte LED”

Менялся старый глянцевый экран, который был разбит (Laptop LCD Screen LTN173KT01 (1600×900) HD+ Glossy LED) на новый матовый экран (LTN173KT01 (1600×900) HD+ Matte LED).

Before you disassemble the laptop, disconnect the laptop power supply and remove the battery!
Перед заменой отключите питание ноутбука и выньте аккумулятор!

Новую матрицу ноутбука можно купить здесь:
You can buy a new laptop screen here: