AMD Support: How To Replace Your Processor

Learn how to install an AMD CPU or APU in a desktop PC. Whether you want to replace a defective CPU or remove an old processor to upgrade, this video will show you how with easy to follow instructions. If you prefer, AMD has published this content in a knowledgebase article. Please see:

• How to uninstall and install an AMD processor and a heatsink/fan in a system:

If you encounter issues preventing you from booting the system correctly after installing a processor, verify the motherboard BIOS is compatible with the installed processor. This video will show you how to update the motherboard BIOS:

• AMD Support: How to Update Motherboard BIOS:

If the BIOS has been verified for compatibility review this article for other troubleshooting tips:

• After upgrading to a new processor, the system will no longer pass a Power On Self Test (POST) and/or load the operating system:

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