Fatal Teamtage Teaser Trailer

FATAL CLAN Teaser Trailer – Clips- youtube.com Song- Somebody I Used to Know Artist- FatRat REMIX –LINKS– www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.Twitter.com www.facebook.com –CallofDurpy– www.youtube.com –Trolling Playlist– www.youtube.com –Glitching Playlist– www.youtube.com –Hiding Tactics Playlist– www.youtube.com –Ninja Defuse Spots Playlist– www.youtube.com Hi, im Macho3135 just call me Macho. im an average youtuber who just puts up videos for the heck of it. i try and put videos up weekly but some times i cant. im human whatever. anyway, i post what people like to watch such as trolling, glitching, and hiding tactics. so to end this paragraph, please give this video a like or not. subscribe and Spread my channel if you could. Thanks -Macho3135 **IGNORE** MW3 Whtie Raywilliam jhonson smosh who chaos OpTic faze ObeyAlliance Halo Reach multiplayer online beta free give away swag bucks prizes xbox 360 forge world tutorial ms microsoft points swagbucks hacks exploits games psn ps3 call of duty black ops history of gaming vidoc trailer bungie love spartans SFEAR sfear clan webs how to computer tutorials hacks cmd never again will i be able to make money online with youtube ebay myspace hacks crack white black facebook he was so cute irfanview audacity photoshop retouching effects sony vegas platinum eight 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 lol he got owned everyone lets party like a rock star rockstar sean paul ownage hitting drunk these are my tags lol coming for pizza

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