Forced Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Explained – Why?

Microsoft is using underhanded tactics to force Windows 10 installs on users boxes to bolster their adoption #’s and to support their unified platform and telemetry collection ambitions. This video will break it down for you and show you how to protect yourself.

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Q) I upgraded my media center (purchased TiVo) to windows 10 and it does now warn you that Windows Media Center will not be accessible after the upgrade and gives you the option to cancel.
A) When I did my upgrades it was right after Windows 10 came out. Looks like enough people complained that they now show this which is fantastic. That being said I’ve already talked to a few people that had automatic upgrades occur during the night without the option to opt out because of media center.

Q) You also have to understand that all other microsoft OS is no longer supported with updates.
A) Wrong, The Microsoft life cycle requires them to support Windows 8.1 through 2023. They also have to continue to support Windows Vista through April 11, 2017 and Windows 7 through Jan 14th, 2020. Whoever told you that Microsoft will no longer support those platforms with updates is lying since it’s required that they patch security holes & exploits as a part of ongoing support for those platforms.

Q) Other operating systems like Android and iOS spy on you, how is this different?
A) Microsoft always made it a point to call out those companies for the bullshit tactics they used and made Windows customers feel safer and more empowered by letting them know they wouldn’t do crap like this (Look up ‘Scroogled’). Microsoft decided that they were going to change directions when they laid off 1/3rd of their work force and embraced a new CEO that doesn’t care about consumer trust. If Microsoft was untrustworthy out of the gate this wouldn’t be an issue since people would expect it. But the fact they changed all their tactics and are absolutely 100% trying to deceive people to get an end result shows their true colors.

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