Almost 15 years after it’s released, it seems that Windows XP is still a very popular operating system. Popular, but still very outdated. Now that it’s been left without any updates or support from Microsoft, there’s a rather big debate happening on the Internet about the safety of this OS.

The mainstream verdict goes something like this: If XP has no support all it’s security holes and back doors stay unpatched! This makes it more prone to getting infected by malicious software which means that is a very unsafe OS to be using!

On the other hand, you will also hear a totally different argumentation that goes along the line that all the commotion on how XP is unsafe is mumbo jumbo, orchestrated by Microsoft who only wants you to switch to their newer products! According to this verdict a Windows XP, backed up with a bundle of internet security utilities, is as safe as any other operating system.

Even here on YouTube, you can find advocates of this argumentation, who claim to still be using XP as their every day OS, while having absolutely no problems with malicious software.
Truth be told, there is software out there that you can use to lock down your system and make it 99 percent impenetrable to malware. Why 99 percent? Because there is no system that can’t be played by finding or creating a hole! That’s why software updates are exist after all!

But using a combination of safety utilities that will give you this level of security will come with the cost of used up system resources! A lot of people who are truly stuck with XP because it came along with the last PC they were able to afford, don’t really have that high of a system configuration. So balancing things like basic multitasking and internet security might be a difficulty that they do not know how to efficiently overcome.

Obviously, those people who have no alternative will continue using XP as it is their only option. So what can they do? Well whether you are using XP for those reasons or simply out of sentimentality, you still can secure it to a certain point and keep your system usability.

In this video, I give you my five tips for what you need to do if you are using Windows XP today!


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