Let’s play: Medal of Honor (2010) in HD Part 12: Oh dear, multiple ethnicities (MoH PC Gameplay)

Watch in 1080p if you wanna see the whole potential of the game, and what it looks like for me. Sorry about the heavy breathing, I don’t have my normal headset on me and so please forgive my need for air while talking over gameplay (next episode is going to have my normal headset again). Welcome to Medal of Honor and the first proper TNP let’s play. This thing will happen and continue till we reach the end, nothing can stop us. In this episode Maximk is watching you in your sleep, stalking people with a sniper, watching laggy cutscenes (woo, laptop overheat), being generally quiet and when he talks he destroys your eardrums!!! Enjoy, like it if you likeit and suscribe for more stuff. Also TNP is now on twitter: www.twitter.com As usual add us on steam for some fun gaming time: www.steamcommunity .com www.steamcommunity.com Origin/BATTLEHOOOOG: Maximkazhenkov

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