Privacy Policy – data-recovery services in Somerset, Banes, Bath and Bristol

We take your privacy extremely seriously. We endeavor to avoid looking at any data recovered, personal information within systems we repair or any sensitive items transferred in the course of our duty to our customers. In the event we are given passwords, permission to view documents, the right to enter accounts or are otherwise exposed to sensitive personal information and/or details we have trained ourselves to forget the same as soon as it becomes irrelevant to our work. This has lead to repeat requests for passwords and details – this is a good thing. We would most certainly not reveal any information to third parties without written, explicit instructions from the owners.

Cookies Policy.

We do not store information on our visitors. A cookie may be created when you enter the site but does not store information and (usually) deletes itself when you leave the site. We do not track visitors, allow third parties to gather information or provide any data to any entity except where, or when relevant laws apply. Thank you.