Question: Is It Good Enough to Get “Just” a Computer Science Degree to Get Into Cyber Security?

Eli…thank you so much for the response. I was not expecting a video response so that was pretty cool. I just wanted to clarify, because I saw the frustration as to wanting to jump into ethical hacking, that what my main goal here is to come out of college with a specialty degree rather than a degree in Computer Science and then have to spend even more money and time on multiple certifications. I am 32 now and a prior Marine and have 2 pages of different certifications and an Associates that all seem to take me no where so I didn’t want you to think I was being naive in that I could just jump into ethical hacking right after school. I am hoping to at least stay in the realms of cyber security when I complete my bachelors but obviously I will take whatever I can get to build my resume as well. I just feared that if I stuck with the normal path of getting a degree in Computer Science instead of a specialty like cyber security or ethical hacking…etc. that I would be stuck spending a lot more money and time on additional certifications on top of what it will take to complete the bachelors as well.

-James R.

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