RVAsec 2012: PHP Website Security, Attack Analysis, & Mitigations (Salvador Grec)

Presentaion Slides: http://rvasec.com/slides/2012/8_grec_php_insecurity_rvasec_2012.pptx

PHP is a very powerful language for easily developing web applications however this convenience sometimes comes at the cost of security. Issues can arise from everything from language vulnerabilities and weak default settings to insecure coding practices and misconfigurations. This presentation plans to address many of these concerns by providing valuable lessons in the security of, attacks against, and management of PHP in your environment. The talk begins with an overview of PHP security, including it’s known issues and corresponding security enhancements the maintainers have incorporated over time. Beginning with a general discussion of PHPIDS and how it can be used as an event tracker, the presentation next provides a peak into some of the more interesting attacks against a security website as well as overall trends from two years in deployment. The talk closes with a strategy for analyzing the risks in your PHP environment and applying corresponding PHP and platform/network mitigations to minimize your attack surface.

Salvador Grec has over 16 years experience, undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering, and a really well known security certification. Even though his training was in Electrical Engineering, Sal has always been more of a Computer Science person at heart going back to his VIC-20, Commodore 64, and high school computer club days. After doing the IT grind for 5 years, he discovered his love of infosec and has been pursuing this career ever since. Currently, he spends his days doing cyber security paperwork drills in building and maintaining multi-billion dollar government systems. At night he runs a local infosec website and tries to get some hands-on skillz.

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