Sonic 2 (SMS) Walkthrough part 2: Stupid Seal,Kung Fu Pig and Crazy Warthog 1/2

Welcome back to the 2nd part of Sonic 2 for the Master System! in this video there’s 2 parts for part 2 so at Monday (tomorrow) i will upload the 2nd half of this video cuz if i made it too long it just gonna make my laptop overheat a lot so yeah we went through 2 Zones in this video: -Aqua Lake Zone -Green Hill Zone Enjoy! Like,Comment and Subscribe for more Sonic 2 (SMS) Videos! i might even make a bonus video on how to get all 6 chaos emeralds and a how to beat the bosses as a bonus so than u guys can get them in no time and beat the game 100%!

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